Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Bronze Autumn

THe world really needs more of David Zyla, Suzanne Caygill, and other stylists who know the value and power of colour analysis.  David Zyla and Suzanne Caygill both seem to have similar style and colour archetypes - Zyla has a Bronze Autumn - Divine Diva archetype, which he describes as 'exotic' and seems to fit me very well.  Suzanne Caygill, similarily has a Bronze Autumn 'Magnetic' archetype - check it out:

Here is a photo of Caygill's bronze autumn magnetic next to two of my photos:

And here is a collage created by a Facebook friend Jen Marie based on David's Bronze Autumn - 'Divine Diva' archetype:

David's Zyla's book 'Color Your Style' is a Must-Have!  Getting your colours done is step one in my opinion, but putting your best self forward is more than just having a palette to work with, David's concepts of the archetypes and power colours makes your personal palette even more individual and specific to you.  I love the whole notion of an archetype - I was excited to get a personal message from David Zyla since creating a Facebook album called 'My Color Style - David Zyla' - David was nice enough to respond to a recent collage that I posted and wrote:

"Hi. You are indeed a Bronze Autumn, Renata! Thanks again for all of your support of The Color of Style! Best, David".  - David Zyla

David is so inspiring and getting a personal validation about my bronze autumn - divine diva archetype was so awesome - really shows that David does take the time to help others on their colour journey and is passionate about what he does - now I'm an even 'bigger' Zyla fan!!!

The next step for me is to really delve into the Bronze Autumn archetype and study David's concepts in even more depth - I look forward to continue sharing my colour journey with you all - this is so exciting!!!

ALso, definitely check out David's recent interview where he talks about finding your best 'LBD' shade - I'll definitely be doing a post about soon:


Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Dear Renata,
Yep, it's me, again!! I found David Zylas book a while back, and it completely changed my view of the whole personal colour concept, by making it more PERSONAL! But I couldn't really figure out what my colours were- until I found out about the 12 seasons (and Christine Scamans blog- have you got her book by the way? If you don't BUY IT!!!) and now this post of yours really inspires me to go back to finding out what my power colours are, David Zyla style! I think I'm a Classic Summer archetype, with being a Soft Summer, and a Kibbes either Classic or Soft Classic (I can't decide, maybe classic with a hint of soft), but overall, it really makes my fashion choices a lot more sound! Do you ever find yourself looking at fashion magazines and deciding which season/kibbes category a garment or a model fits into? I do it systematicall now, it's so much fun!

Renata said...

Hi Sonia,
THanks for writing! Yes, David Zyla's book is definitely life alterning - and has really helped me feel at home within my autumn palette. I do have Christine's book and its great to read and use as a resource if you know your 12-season palette - the makeup colour suggestions are great! I know what you mean about looking through a magazine and deciding on the colour types of the models - I do that 'all' the time - I also like to scrapbook about the looks and colours that I love the best - it really helps to bring together what you know works (colour season/style) and what you really love! I would recommend David Zyla's book to anyone! Honestly, I think that if you have the opportunity to get your colours done - go run and do it, but on your way home pick up David's book because he makes the whole process of knowing your colours unique to you!!!