Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Lipstick VS Evening Lipstick - Part 2

Knowing that two or three lipcolours is all I need is actually making me giddy and happy!  I've decided to go through my makeup case again and de-clutter it (yet again).  I decided that for over-all function, MAC's Chili is much better as an evening lip shade than So Chaud for most occasions.  Chili is more of a classic evening look vs So Chaud is more evening 'glam' - I'm keeping all three in my makeup case, but have decided to post two photos of a complete day vs evening makeup look.

Here is a classic day look with Mocha lipstick and very neutral eye makeup (I used Gingerly blush and on my eyes, I used makeup for ever #10 shadow as a base, soba by MAC lid to crease, Teddy liner smudged with NARS Galapagos and Zoom lash mascara by MAC in lofty Brown):

Chili is a very sophisticated/elegant colour for evening because it has a spicy depth.  So Chaud is more of a brighter orange red, while Chili is an orange-brownish red.  Here is a link to the blog post where I first created this look - all the makeup that I used for this look are listed:

My goal this year is to really make my makeup and style functional - make it personal and unique to me.  This year is about simplifying my life, decluttering what doesn't work and thereby, making room for what 'does' work - these two lipsticks have never steered me wrong and look great with my entire wardrobe.  So I'm making a pact with myself - no new lipsticks for a whole year other than Mocha and Chili - I really need to get out of my makeup buying obsession and focus on creating a signature look that is chic and elegant.  If I do purchase makeup it will only be for my makeup artistry kit or to re-stock on something I use up.  This should be really interesting for me, as I can't go to the mall without going into MAC or Sephora, but I want to prove to myself that I can do this - I can make this work and I'm actually excited to venture into the world of 'simplicity and elegence'!!!  What will I do instead?  Start focusing on style, fashion, creating a simple and functional wardrobe that is true to my best colour palette!  If you have any blog requests for me also - I'd love to hear!!! :)

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