Sunday, September 2, 2012

Power Colours

For those of you who follow my posts regularily, you're already familiar with my current obsession with David Zyla's concept of power colours.  I have always admired women who have embraced a signature colour of signature look.  I decided to do a little 'colour archeology' and dig deeper to find what I know to be 100% true:

1) My best colour palette is TRUE AUTUMN
2) Every style test/quiz etc that I take always leads back to some various of 'city-chic', 'urban-chic' or 'euro-chic' - which leads me to beleive that 'chic' is something I need to embrace
3) My Kibbe style type is a 'soft classic', which is classic (or chic) with a romantic influence
4) My current power colours are: Golden olive (this colour is present in my eyes, skin and my hair definitely has a golden undertone to it), Teal (my best dramatic colour) and amber-gold (my best tranquil colour)
5) THe combination of knowing your colours and best style is the KEY to being and looking your ultimate BEST!!!

So the question now is - What's Next?  How do I take all this information and use it become that sophisticated woman I know is within me??? 

I think the key for me is to start looking for evening wear and dresses in my warm teal shade (wearing a striking spicy-orange-red like MAC's Chili to compliment the look).  For everyday, I am going to look for golden olive toned clothing - tops, sweaters, jackets, pencil skirts, a classic trench coat etc and accent the golden olive shade with my tranquil colour - amber-gold, golds - i.e. jewlery, belts, scarves, gloves etc etc - I can't wait to start keeping my eyes open for my power colours!!! 


Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Dear Renata, I have also read David Zylas book (before I discovered the 12 colour groups) and I loved it so much, but I could never figure out my colours! Now that I know I'm a soft summer, I'm understanding this all a lot better, so it's wonderful to see how you apply it, you're inspiring me very much! I want to do what you're doing! Let me ask you something: what archetype did you find yourself closest to? (forgive me if you have already mentioned this somewhere and I just wasn't paying attention!)

Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Oh, btw, I meant Zyla archetype, in case that wasn't clear!

Renata said...

I'm actually debating between two - the Spicy Autumn and the Bronzed Autumn - my personality fits more with the Spicy Autumn, but I need to re-read that section again to make sure!

Style begins at forty said...

You are so inspiring!
Now I'm looking for my power colour too!