Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Hollywood Glam! A tribute to the Soft Classics!

I love re-visiting anything 'Old Hollywood' - I love everything about the old screen sirens and starlettes - be it the hair, red-lipped makeup, clothes, the mannerisms and etiquette of the time.  I think women are so drawn to this age, because it represented a time of ultimate sophistication and elegance.  When I was reading and stuying David Kibbe's book 'metamorphasis' - I was excited to embrace my best style as 'Soft Classic' - a mix of classic with a touch of romantic flair and glam.  I was also excited to read that the following Old Hollywood starlets also share that Soft Classic 'aura' so to speak:

                                                               Joan Fontaine:

I love the warm red lip with a defined but subtle classic eye, clean eyebrows and smooth looking skin - this look is classic, soft, romantic and elegant!  I think this is the perfect evening dinner look!

Merle Oberon:

Merle Oberon is also a soft classic according to Kibbe and she has a very exotic look, but still a softness and romantic flair about her.  I love how her deep lip and contoured makeup really shine through in these black and white photos - there is high drama, but its not an exaggerated drama, its more of a feminine, delicate drama!

Norma Shearer:

I love Norma Shearer's look - when I first saw her photos I thought this is a woman I would love to sit down and have a coffee with - she seems strong, elegant, feminine and confident - exactly the qualities I admire - I love a woman who posses that balance between strength and ultra-femininity, which is really what soft classic is all about - its about being confident and livin with class, but also possessing that romantic, feminine flair - Norma exudes those qualities and that balance in her look!

Olivia De Haviland:

Move over Scarlet O'Hara - Olivia De Haviland posses that true Old Hollywood classic elegance!  Her 'soft' classic appeal is the essence of femininity!  I admire that her look is both strong and sexy, feminine yet confident - it seems like that balance is the key to describing the appeal of old hollywood sirens - these women had to be strong and resourcefull, but they never lost contact with that makes them feminine!


Countess Claire said...

Wonderful pictures!

I love Hollywood Glam, too.
And I like the style of Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy,...

Fashion was far more glamorous before the Nineties, I think.

Maybe you want to have a look on my blog, it's all about classic style and glamour.

Renata said...

Wonderful - I love classic style and glamour - I will definitely check out your blog! THanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. I am a Soft Classic who loves old Hollywood. I can really identify with Olivia de Haviland's look. Her facial features and body shape are similar to mine. Looking at pictures of her has helped me understand what it means to be a Soft Classic - a "Graceful Lady".

Renata, you remind me of Norma Shearer. Have you seen her in "The Women"? It's a film classic with fabulous clothes!

Renata said...

Thank you Anonymous for writing - what a compliment - thanks so much! I will have to get my hands on that movie and study her style more closely!!! :)

KATHY said...

Love your blog! Can you give me some suggestions for a pink and red based lipstick that would work for us True Autumns.

thx, kathy

Renata said...

Hi Kathy - thanks for writing - no nice to hear from you! Yes, I have a few suggestions for you - one of my favourite True Autumn Pinks is Laura Merciers Cinnamon lipstick - it matches the swatch fan pink perfectly. For reds, look for reds with a brownish, brick or orange base - my favourites are: MAC chili, NARS autumn leaves and moscow, MAC so chaud (if you want something a little brighter) - also, try MAC's brick and auburn lipliners, you can virtually blend any warm pink/red shades into these liners and they will create a perfect and unique colour - hope this helps!!!

Renata said...

OMG - I meant to write SO nice to hear from you - wow - my appologies - thats what happens when you write late at night!