Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eye Colour Harmony

Since reading David Zyla's suggestions for how to find your perfect Energy Colour (check out my last post for more details) - I've become a little obsessed with trying to figure out the different colours that are in my eye.  My eyes have always been difficult to determine colour-wise because they are green-hazelish that seemed to be a combination of khaki, grey-green, olive, with amber flecks AND to make things more complicated, my eyes seem to change colour depending on the weather, what I'm wearing etc etc etc.  I decided that instead of looking at a photo of my eye on its own and trying to figure it out, its probably easier to use my Soft Autumn and True Autumn swatches to see if I can't find a winning colour and put the mystery to rest.  Here is what I came up with:

I decided to swatch the True Autumn Khaki/greyish shade next to my eye, as I always thought my eye had elements of this colour and it seems that it does, but there is definitely some green in there that is screaming to get out, so I decided to swatch the SA grey-green shade next:

The grey-green shade of the SA swatch seemed a little muddy next to my eye - the colour in itself seemed like a closer match, but there is still something more green in my eye so I tried another SA greenish-grey shade:

 I noticed a golden element that was lacking in the SA khaki-green and grey-green shades, so I decided to try a TA golden-olive swatch:

As soon as I saw this comparison, I thought BINGO - this is it - my closest match!  That golden olive shade is in perfect harmony with my eye-colour and I understand now why David Zyla would call this your 'energy' shade - there is something about this colour that makes my eyes 'come to life - my eye colour seems to POP next to this swatch and any dullness disappears!

I found that trying this eye colour harmony/swatch test was very 'eye-opening' - LOL (pun intended) - it really made me more aware of how much I need that little bit of extra golden influence that the SA green-khaki and grey-green shades seemed to lack - I recall being draped in this shade last year when I was draped as a TA and this colour was one of my best - I regret not taking a photo of that shade during the draping process, but I'm definitely going to play around with this shade as my 'energy' colour!!!


Kat said...

Renata, we have tried similar approaches to our blended eye colors. I read Zyla and also took a tip from Jennifer Butler about finding the "lights of the eyes." It took forever to figure out what she was talking about, but it wasn't quite what I thought. I found that best, best color that pops my eyes isn't literally in my eyes and it's actually between the legs of my 12-Tone fan. There is a color in the eye itself that qualifies as the "lights of the eye", but it wasn't the lightest obvious color in my eye (though that one will work as eyeshadow). It is in the mid-section of the iris where the darkest color appears most empty (pale). The only way I found this was through experimentation. When I found the right range of colors, this color popped out consistently. I'd never even considered that part of the eye before. Works every time.

Hadassah said...

You inspired me to pick out some paint chips today. Can't wait. I have brown eyes but I feel as if there is something more to the color. Now I know what to do to find it.