Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Lipstick VS Evening Lipstick

I have really settled into the idea that I don't need 50+ lipsticks to be happy - In fact, I love the simplicity and elegence of having one or two shades that I can just swipe on and go and know that they work with everything in my wardrobe.  That's just another reason why knowing your colours is so amazing - you can have one of two shades that will literally work with 'everything' that you own in your wardrobe.  If you have a rainbow of colours in your closet, you're more likely to need more makeup to suit each outfit that you own - that's just plain silly!!! 

I have blogged before about my all time favourite, go with everything natural day lipstick - Mocha by MAC - here I am wearing Mocha with Gingerly blush by MAC on my cheeks and slightly blended on top of my lipstick (using your blush shade on top of your lipstick helps it last practically all day - I love using this trick!)

For an evening look, nothing beats knowing your best red.  For me that red is an orange-red shade called So Chaud by MAC - So Chaud is extremely pigmented, so I use Brick lipliner ever so lightly applied as a base before swiping on So Chaud.  In this photo, the only other makeup I'm wearing is Gingerly blush:

I would love to know - what are your favourite day and evening lipsticks???


Paisley said...

Oh. Those are both stunning. Perfect. I love them.

Renata said...

Thanks so much Paisley!!!

Sara said...

hi renata, i really like yor blog!
I'm also a true autumn and I have a question for you? Which is the difference between MAC Mocha and Revlon Sandalwood Beige? Could you compare them?
Thanks! :-)

Renata said...

Hi Sara - great question - thanks for writing - I find on me personally that Mocha is more of a 'brownish' toned peach whereas sandalwood beige is a very unique shade - it seems every so slightly lighter and has a beigy tone mixed in with a peachy brown - I will try to find my sandalwood beige and do a photo comparison for you!

Sara said...

Many many thanks for your answer! I've already had sandalwood beige and it's my day lipstick for summer... I need something similar but more muted for winter times. Definetly I have to go to a MAC counter to try Mocha!

Anonymous said...

My Day Lipstick: L'Oreal Colour Riche "Tender Pink"

My Evening Lipstick: L'Oreal Colour Riche "Cinnamon Toast" ( sometimes I wear this during the day when I want a more dramatic look )

Lipstickgal14 said...

Hello Renata,

I adore your blog-it's so informative. I can tell how much you adore colour (as do I) and wanted to give you my view as a fellow Autumn.

I simply love your True Autumn palette- it accentuates your natural beauty where as the softer Autumn colours detract. I think you need a lot of red/orange in your lipsticks and Mac Chilli is perfect. When you wear more muted tones you fade because you are not soft. It just looks meh.

I think as soon as you add pink or grey/brown to your make up it mutes your look too much. With eye shadow the warm bronze browns with a brick undertone really bring out your eye colour. You can handle a lot of shimmer too. Upping that sparkle factor would help you switch up to an evening look.

Your hair needs chestnut tones and with the red looks fantastic. I think you really need spice tones personally.

These are colours I find really great-

Lipsticks- MAC Chilli, Revlon super lustrous lipstick in Chilli,NYX -celebrate, Revlon Colorstay -sumptuous Sienna, soft cinnamon and smoothest wine..

Blusher- MAC sincere

Eye shadow-MAC Brule and Satin Taupe (this one seems very neutral to me), I also adore a range called UNE. they have some really nice bronzes that aren't brassy that pick out the Amber tones in my eyes.

I don't know if you can access them all because I am in
the U.K and anyhow you have probably happened upon them already!

I have an unusual eye too. For years people told me I had grey/blue eyes. Because I flush pink in my cheeks I thought I had a pink undertone so wore winter. It didn't work. My eyes are in fact a green/teal/blue with Amber around the pupil and since I have discovered my palette they now stand out.

I think 12 blueprints is an excellent site too. I love the fact Christine makes it clear you can have any eye colour for any season. The previous systems were so prescriptive and there was never a mention of blue/green eyed AUtumns. So frustrating. I bet there are loads of us who oscillated between Summer and Winter because neither of them felt right. I cannot wear any shade of pink in clothing or makeup and now I understand why!

Thanks for your excellent blog!

Renata said...

Thanks SO much for writting and sharing so many amazing thoughts, new products to try and feedback - this is so wonderful! Its always great to get tips and suggestions and any excuse to go makeup shopping works for me - lol. I also appreciate the feedback about the colours that you think work for me - I have to keep on reminding myself that the lighter, softer shades don't really do much for me - I need that elements of spice! Yes, I love 12 blueprints and all my colour-friends on Facebook - they have been so supportive and wonderful and I love that we can all learn from each other! Thanks again for your comment - was awesome to hear from you!

Vampierz said...

The red one looks way too warm and unnatural.