Saturday, September 1, 2012

SPicy Mustard and Orange

I was inspired to create a very spicy autumn makeup look. I used a lot of orange/golden brown and gold based shades and teamed the makeup look with a warm, spicy mustard coloured top - here is the makeup I used for this look:

Face: Mineral Fusion Foundation in Warm, MAC NC 30 concealer and 'Matte Bronze' bronzer as a powder. I applied Gingery blush and then used the orange shade in the 'Marche a...ux puches' eyeshadow duo as a pop of colour on the cheeks

Eyes: I mixed brule and retrospeck and applied this as a base and then mixed the two shades in the MAC Marche aux puches eyeshadow duo and applied from the lid into the crease. I used MAC's Coffee eyeliner and smudged NARS galapagos into the upper lash line. I finished the eye look with MAC's Zoom lash mascara in Lofty Brown

Lips - I mixed NARS Autumn Leaves with MAC's Chili for a spicy orange-red shade:      


Anonymous said...

You look really healthy and vibrant here :)

Renata said...

THanks So Much!!!

Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

I agree, this look is another winner! You are so on to something. Refining your style to such a degree, applying your colour principles so steadfastly, you are living proof of how beautifully it works!

Renata said...

Thank you Sonia - Its great to hear your feedback - I feel more 'in tune' with my colour self than ever!!!