Saturday, September 15, 2012


MAC Strength is the ultimate autumn lipstick - its perfect for this time of year and looks amazing with gold, bronze and copper toned shades.  I created a look with exactly this combination - using copper shades to contour, gold/bronze and golden olive shades on the eyes and Strength on the lips.  I recently did a post where I said I would stick to two lipsticks for one whole year and I've realized that two is almost impossible to stick to - not because I can't do it, but because a woman truely needs three shades - one natural for day, one 'sophisticated' shade for day into evening and one or two evening shades.  Mocha is still my favourite 'natural day' shade and Chili is still ideal as an evening shade, but strength is superb as that sophisticated day into night look. For glam events, So Chaud is my go-to fave.  Deciding to do a lipstick cleanse has been so inspiring because its really teaching me what the true value of lipstick is - there are hundreds of shades out there -do we need them all??? Absolutely not - buying lipstick after lipstick is not necessary, but having a functional set of colours that meets your needs - thats different!  So here is my tribute to my favourite 'Sophisticated Day' Look, which totally works for an evening out as well:

Here is the makeup that I used for this look:

I started with my basic foundation, concealer and bronzer as powder. I then used MAC's pro sculpt cream in Copper Beech as a contour and Goldmine eyeshadow as a highlight shade. I mixed Brule and Retrospeck as an eyeshadow base shade and Goldmine with Soba to apply from the lid into the crease and then used Bronze eyeshadow in the crease and outter corners. I used Teddy eyeliner and smudged with NARS Galapagos on the top/bottom lashlines and then used MAC's Desires and Devices liquid liner on the top lashline before finishing with Zoom lash mascara in Loft Brown. I mixed Gingerly blush with Mineralize blush in Gold Deposit and finished off this golden look with STRENGTH lipstick!!!


Anonymous said...

how very elegant you look. It's nice to have your perspective.All the other blogs i've seen have a bunch of giggly, giddy headed girls with their makeup collection. This is the first time I've seen 'elegant'

Anonymous said...

Nice. All the other blogs I've visited have giggly giddyheaded girls with their makeup. This is the first time I am seeing 'elegant'. Thanks

Renata said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it!!! I will continue more posts in the coming new year! I enjoy creating and writing about elegant looks because its something that has always inspired me. Elegance is a state of mind first and formost! Have a wonderful day!!! Thanks again!