Saturday, May 19, 2012

Childhood Photos

I love finding photos of myself as a child because its so much fun to look at all the natural shades and colour harmony that existed back then - not yet tainted by makeup!  I am particularily interested in my natural hair colour shade:

I really love this photo because the lighting is perfect - this is probably the truest representation of what my hair colour was - I would 'love' to have this shade again now!  I also love how this photo picked up on the natural flush of my cheeks and lip color!!!

In this photo where I was younger you can really see how rich my brunette hair was - I also love how you can see some of my natural wavy, curl!  I wish this photo wasn't that fuzzy and you could see my eye-colour more clearly!

Yes, I was little ms. chubby cheeks in this photo - this was my holy communion photo - I still remember the hairdresser coming to my grandmothers house that morning and doing my hair - I got my first taste of being pampered and I loved it!

I love taking trips down memory lane!!!

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