Saturday, May 19, 2012

MAC Blushbaby with Retro Lipstick!

Usually when I decide to create a look, I start with a colour inspiration based on one of my feaures features, so I go with a red 'lip' or a chocolate smokey eye.  I then find complimentary shades that will enhance the look I want and open up the feature I want to bring into focus.  Today I wanted to create a look centered around a soft, natural cheek/blush colour.  I've had blushbaby in my makeup case for a while, but don't often use it because I always assumed that it lacked a certain 'oomph' - the colour wasn't pigmented enough, it just looked boring - that my assumption and I sadly admit that it was a wrong assumption to make.  It wasn't that blushbaby lacked pigmentation - its that I was pairing it with the wrong colours and wasn't contouring my jawline with a deeper shade.  I finally played around with blushbaby and started using deeper, neutral based shades with a brown-peach undertone with a hint of pink.  I really love this look as a classic everyway work look:

I always start my makeup look with my basic face: primer, foundation, concealer and powder (I used bronzer instead of translucent powder for this look).  I then used the following shades:
Portabello eyeshadow duo NARS, teddy eyeliner by MAC smudged with nars galapagos
Bobbi Brown tawny blush as contour with MAC's Blushbaby blush and Retro Lipstick by MAC!

This is such an easy daytime look to wear because the colours are neutral leaning warm and the look is very natural-classic! 

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