Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perfect Pink for True Autumns!

I am so happy that I tried the deep autumn drapes because I got a lot of honest feedback and the consesus is to stick with True Autumn!  There is a harshness with the Deep Autumn drapes and something that is a little off, something too muted and washed out about Soft Autumn.  The general consensus is that True Autumn gives me a natural glow that the other autumn palettes fail to deliver.  So that puts an end to the autumn confusion and gives me confidence to pursue True Autumn will full force and vigor!!!

I love following the 12 blueprints facebook group because it is the most amazing place to share ideas about colour analysis and get honest feedback about what colours work and what seasonal palettes to explore!  I love the openess and general passion for colour analysis that exists on that site!  Christine Scaman, the creator of the page and a certified sci/art colour analyst, recently shared a link to a makeup page called 'discover your truth', which had a great visual for true autumn's perfect pink shade ( - I immediately had an idea that I wanted to explore.  I have always had a very pigmented natural lipcolour and always knew it was some kind of combination of pink with a hint of brownish-coral - its very complicated to describe.  Because of the pink tones I sometimes wondered if I wasn't a cooler or neutral season, but after Christine posted this link and I saw that the true autumn pink looked like, I had no question - that is the natural colour of my lips:

The two dots on the top right corner are taken directly from the True Autumn swatch and the colour on the bottom left is the visual of the 'type 3 symphony' eyeshadow from the 'dressing your truth' site that is the perfect representation of True Autumn's pink!  Its so interesting to me how amazing the true autumn palette really is and how my placement in the True Autumn palette does in fact make sense!!! 

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