Saturday, May 5, 2012

Natural Lip Shade - Part 2

I love my facebook friends - thanks to the amazing observation of one of them, she suggested I compare my natural lip-colour to MAC's Syrup lipstick - she saw more pink coming through in my natural lip tone.  I don't currently have Syrup in my makeup stash, but did have an older photograph where I wore syrup with MAC's Soar liner - I decided to do a photo comparison and I was completely stunned to see that my friend was absolutely right - the syrup is a fantastic match

Here is the original photo of me wearing Syrup lipstick.  I also wanted to compare it to a recent event that I went to where I took a photo in which I'm wearing no lipstick at all - It does remind me a lot of Syrup lipstick:

Its so amazing to get feedback from others about colour - sometimes someone elses's eye will see something that you missed!  So far, I've got to say that Bobbi Brown's Brownie Pink and MAC Syrup are clear winners for that natural, your lips but better look!!!

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