Sunday, May 13, 2012

YLBB - Fastplay by MAC

In a previous post I was searching for that YLBB (Your lips but better) lipstick - the one that is a shade or two deeper than your natural lip tone and is the perfect 'swipe and go' about your business colour.  Shades likes Brownie Pink (Bobbi Brown), Ramblin Rose (MAC) and even Syrup (MAC) were very close contenders.  I especially like Syrup after it was recommended to me.  In my last post I wrote about MAC's Fast-Play and decided to do a photo comparison of it against my natural lip:

I think that this may be the closest I've come to finding my YLBB lipstick - its the perfect balance between pink with a slightly brown undertone - I just love this colour.  I think that when many people try to find a YLBB shade, they gravitate to colours called: nude, nude-pink, beige, caramel etc etc - just because these shades may be 'natural', they are not necessarily YLBB, especially if you have very pigmented lips to begin with.  I beleive more than ever than you need to look at the natural undertones within your lip colour to discover what your best YLBB shade is - when I really studied my natural lip colour, I saw a mix of pink-plum-brown.  For a woman who has more coral-brown undertones to her natural lip shades, perhaps a coral shade is her best YLBB look - whatever your natural lip shade is - study it, observe the natural colours that come through, really evaluate the natural shade that nature gave you - this will definitely help in your search for your own personal YLBB lip colour!!!

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