Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bridal Makeup

I love bridal makeup - Its so much fun to see a woman become transformed into her best self.  I love the shimmery irredescence effect, along with a pop of colour.  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be one of the makeup artists for the Toronto Bridal Fashion Show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.  I've blogged about this experience in another post, but recently got some updated photos from the event that I wanted to share:

Creating an elegant bridal eye-makeup look is something that I really love and I think without some definition and enhancement to the eye, the look is missing that little extra 'spark' - I think that the perfect bridal eye-makeup look is not over-done, not too smokey or dramatic, but at the same time it shouldn't be too neutral and natural.  Brides should simply 'glow' on their special day!!!  Their eyemakeup should be defined, pretty, soft with a romantic flair.  For the Bridal show, I had to take into consideration that the models would be under heavy lighting, so the makeup I did had to be just that extra bit more dramatic, but the effect of simplicity and romantic glam is still my goal regardless if its a fashion show or a garden-party wedding!  Here is the final look of the model I was working on (pictured above - one with flash, the other without):

Here are two other looks that I created at the fashion show - this is more of a before/after comparison:

Model 1 - Before - model with no makeup, a clean canvas

After - model with a classic, defined eye!:

Model 2 - Before - model with no makeup, a clean canvas

Model 2 - After:

And during the show:

Bridal makeup should always be chic, elegant, pretty, feminine!  The bride, at the same time, should feel like the world is her oyster, transformed into her best possible self - this is why I love makeup so much - I love being part of that transformation - I love a woman's face when she looks into a mirror and recognizes how magnificent and beautiful she really is!!!

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