Friday, May 11, 2012

Classic Parisian Red

Today I went shopping with a good friend Peter - we are both so into the European philosophy of life and living.  Peter has spent a lot of time in France and we started talking about French Women - how they dress, what their makeup is like, what they eat, the things they like etc etc.  Peter described the French woman as very classic, feminine, with a touch of romantic flair.  They go for a minimal face with a classic red - a richer one for day and a true, brighter shade for evening!  We decided to go to Sephora and play around with some colours until we found the perfect red that mimics the shades than French women would wear in Paris.  After trying various shades, NARS Cruella was the clear winner - In fact, other women in the store were stopping us and asking 'what red is that?  thats the perfect red!' -  Then it was off to MAC to find that slightly brigher, truer red that a French woman would wear to go out for the evening.  Again, after trying a few shades, MAC's Ruby Woo was the clear winner.  One thing that Peter really brought to my attention is how to create an elegant, Parisian eye makeup look.  He said that women in north america are all about the smokey eye - wearing shadows, liners to define the eye, but this is essence closes up the eye - the key is to 'brighten' the eye area, to make your eyes pop and look brighter and more open.  He suggested I try a a lighter, almost white eyeshadow shade to create a highlighted eye effect (I used Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow in #301).  I couldn't beleive how amazing this trick was - I was always going crazy for heavy liner, but realize now that the natural, brightening effect is so much sexier!!!

Here is a little photo journey of discovering the perfect parisian red:

We had a blast at Sephora and discovered some great reds: NARS Jungle Red, NARS Dragon Girl, the Laura Mercier red shades (audrey in particular seemed nice for day) - but the clear winner for being the most 'parisian' was NARS Cruella:

We loved Cruella because its a wearable red for both day and evening and Peter said it was the closest match to the red shades women would wear in Paris.  He also said that along with a wearable day red, French women also wear a more 'true', slightly brighter shade of red.  There was no question that Ruby Woo by MAC would be the ideal lipstick choice:

I love the classic red lip - nothing is more feminine and powerful than a women who can embrace the sophistication and classic poise of a red lip!!!

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Kimberly said...

Aww I love the pictures! Looks like you two had a lot of fun :D. I keep trying to send you comments about the books you recommended to me in an email a while back, but they never seem to go through lol. (I loved both of them by the way!). This post made me think about the book by Frederick Fekkai. It has definitely made me reconsider what's too much and just enough when it comes to eye makeup lol. Thanks again for those recommendations. The red looks lovely on you ;).