Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

I am always looking for new makeup inspirations and looks - I have been intrigued by Rosie Huntingtin Whiteley's look because she has that inspiring balance between sensuality and natural/girl next door appeal.  She is also very consistent with her look, usually sporting a bronzed glow, naturally smokey eyes and a soft, neutral lip.  Here are some of my favourite makeup looks on her:

RHW looks so amazing in the neutral-warm makeup shades.  I love how her lipstick has that 'your lips but better' effect.  She perfectly balances her neutral shades with very well contoured cheeks and a natural, yet elegant smokey eye - I also love her hair colour in this photo - the warm honey tones in her hair are perfect against her skintone!

I am so inspired by this subtle smokey eye and neutral lip makeup look - This has to be my favourite makeup look of all time because for me it represents all the best elements of a feminine look: defined, bedroom eyes, a natural glow to the face and cheeks and kissable lips!  Love this!!!

Burberry has chosen RHW to represent their makeup line and she looks amazing in their makeup ads.  RHW wears the neutral shades so well - I love how healthy and glowing her skin looks and the touch of rose to the lips is perfect to compliment the neutral/earthy shades of Burberry's clothing.

  This warm rose shade of lipstick is the perfect punch of colour for RHW without being too deep and overwhelming.  She looks stunning and regal in this photo!

I love having a makeup inspiration, especially when the person you choose as your makeup muse is consistent with their look - it helps you to determine and work on a look that you know is timeless and will never fail you.  Rosie Huntington Whiteley always looks elegant, sensual, natural and pretty - she has that fresh, rustic, timeless look that I look - a mix of warm-neutral shades with subtle enhancments to her eyes, lips and cheeks!  The perfect feminine look!!!

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