Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soft Autumn - AGAIN!

I don't know what it is about this palette that keeps on pulling me back in time and time again!  I'm actually starting to wonder why I'm fighting it so hard???  Have I been drapped in person for a season before?  Yes, twice actually, as a true autumn, but I just can't shake the feeling that true autumn is not 100% accurate about me - my grey-green eyes have a soft/muddy quality that are so distinctive of dominant soft types.  My natural lip shade is no where near orange or anything fully warm.  When I wear orange toned blushes, all you see is a streak of orange.  Pinks are generally off on me as well, which clearly shows that I'm not a true cool season either.  I am deifnitely something 'neutral' - the brights are too bright, the deeps are slightly too harsh for me, but the softness just seems to fit and the level of warmth just seems to fit as well - check out this collage I created of my face sans makeup surrounded by everything 'Soft Autumn':

Everything just seems to harmonize so well!  I've decided to pursue my love affair with this palette and give it another go - perhaps I gave up a little too early the last time!  I think this may just be the best palette for me!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same as you. I have been
told I am a Autumn going into Spring, I have red hair, green eyes and very little coloring to my cheeks. I am going to try the Soft Autumn color palettes and see if I have better luck than just staying with Spring which is not working.

lauermar said...

Renata I always thought you were an autumn!

Renata said...

Thanks Lauermar - I've most recently started embracing the deep autumn season - its been very good to me - I'm definitely an autumn that leans 'neutral'! :)