Friday, May 4, 2012

Natural Lip Shade

I have become fascinated with the whole idea of using the colour palette that nature has 'naturally' given you - by this I mean, really looking at all the colours that are naturally present in your skintone, eyes, natural/ 'virgin' haircolour, the natural flush of your cheeks and the natural pigment of your lips.  I decided to create a series of collages that highlight the natural palette that is uniquly 'moi' - you can't get any more personalized or individual than this! 

I wanted to start with my natural lip shade, since lipstick is definitely something that I am obsessed with - I am always on the look out for that perfect 'your lips but better' shade - how amazing would it be to find that shade and stop the search for that 'perfect lipstick' - my natural lipcolour is definitely pigmented and definitely has a brownish tone to it - it actually reminds me a lot of Bobbi Brown's lipstick called 'brownie pink' that I actually always gravitate to:

Here is a photo of me taken a while back wearing brownie pink:

Here is a side by side photo of my natural lip colour and my lips with brownie pink lipstick - I think this may just be my perfect natural lipstick look:

Here are some other natural toned lipcolours that I love:

Ramblin Rose by MAC with Spice liner

Mocha by MAC

I really admire and love that 'le no makeup look' - a look that is sophisticated, yet at the same time natural and pretty.  I really feel if you mimic that natural flush in your lips, you create a look that is sensual, timeless and will go with 'everything' - so let your natural lip 'shade' shine!!!


Anonymous said...

I think using our own natural lip colour as a liptick only works if we stay naked! As soon as we add coloured clothing, eye makeup and/or hair dye we change the natural balance of our features.

Renata said...

Really great point! I'm finding that the natural lipstick look actually washes me out sometimes - I do best with some added colour, so I agree with you!