Monday, May 21, 2012

A Lesson in Accepting Your Season

I'm learning that doubting your season at first is really a stepping stone to fully embracing it!  The thought of getting stuck in one palette and not moving beyond its bounderies creates feelings of fear/anxiety - you get that feeling of being 'boxed in' and then you start to question - what about 'x' colour, its not in my palette, but I wear it well - and thats when the doubting begins!!!  I recently experienced this doubting/accepting process and had a light bulb moment so to speak - its not the palettes that are the issue - its how we choose to use them.  Just like with everything else in this world, you can become obsessed and fanatical about something, not seeing beyond your limited perception.  Yes, you can choose to see your palette of colours as the be all and end all, no exceptions.  OR, you can choose to see your palette as your guide to your best colours, using your colours to create an image of harmony.  Your palette is your guide, its where you stop and tell yourself - why look good, when you can look your 'best'?  So yes, 'x' colour may still look good on you and by all means wear it!  Yet at the same time, having the knowledge and power of your ultimate best shades gives you control to look your ultimate best.  Perhaps true red isn't in my true autumn palette, but knowing that chocolate golden brown, warm ivory and camel are my power colours, this allows me to use those shades close to my face, as accessories, perhaps even layered over or under the red - its about knowing how to take any wardrobe peice and making it work for you!!!  So the lesson is to not ever allow yourself to feel or even be 'boxed in' - celebrate the colours you know work for you and celebrate every other colour that you love - work 'with' your palette to look your ultimate best, but don't become so fanatical that you stop looking 'outside of the box', just move forward with the inner strength and knowledge that you have the power to be your best self!!!

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