Monday, March 21, 2016

Bobbi Brown Ruby Shimmer Lipstick

I have a very healthy obsession with lipsticks :)  Bobbi Brown lipsticks are among my favourites, although I don't blog about them as much as I'd like because I usually stick to the basic shades.  Recently, however, I decided to try a new colour and instead of getting my stand-by Sandwash Pink, I opted for the Ruby Shimmer lipstick.  I recall reading somewhere that the late Caroline Bassette-Kennedy wore this as her everyday lipstick shade.  She was such a classic and stunning woman, so I was happy to purchase a lipstick that she used to admire and love.  I wanted to create a very natural eye makeup look, so all I did was use MAC Coquette eyeshadow along the lid and slightly into the crease.  I by-passed the eyeliner and instead just applied some black mascara.  I also used the new Bobbi Brown duo blush.  I went with the Plum/French Pink duo and simply mixed the two blush colours together.  I finished the look by applying the Ruby Shimmer lipstick.  I really love this look to be honest - I can see why the late Caroline Bassette loved this lipstick.  The look is very classic and polished!!!

I am really happy to have this shade on hand, as it's the perfect 'day' red.  It's the perfect tone of ruby - not too bright and not too dark.  The shimmer, adds that additional element of chic because it's not too heavy.  This one is definitely a keeper :)

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