Friday, March 18, 2016

Revlon Plumalicious

Here is another makeup request look - it's a look that is mostly a cooler toned winter look.  I started this look by picking out the blush and lipstick combination, which was NARS Angelika blush and Revlon Plumalicious.  On some makeup lists, these shades belong to the clear winter category, which I thought was interesting because on me, they don't appear to be clear or bright.  For the eyes, I kept it simple with Bobbi Brown cement on the lid.  Cement is a very cool medium taupe shade.  I then used MAC Blooz eyeliner (one of my favourites) and lined the upper and lower lash line.  I tried my best not to create a heavy line, but did decided to smudge the upper lash line before applying black mascara.  I then finished off the look with Revlon Plumalicious:

I went outside this morning to take a pic of this look because I wanted to capture it in natural light.  I also decided to wear a black scarf, which is a typical winter shade.  In terms of makeup, I really like this look.  I really like the Plumalicious lipstick in combination with the blue eyeliner.  I don't see the cool tones competing with my skin tone, which is a good thing I guess.  I also like how the blooz eyeliner helps to make the blues in my eyes pop out.  I would say that this look is a keeper for the days that I want to create a cooler, dramatic look :)

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