Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Soft/Rich Look

One of my favourite looks is a soft, subtle smokey eye and a polished, rich lipstick.  I was able to create this look a few days ago and I seem to keep coming back to it as one of my favourite looks.  It combines some of my favourite shades with the perfect balance of soft/deep value.

This look was inspired by Kate Middleton.  She always has that preppy-chic look that I love.  She seems to just get it 'right' all the time.  Her makeup and style really suit her!  I'd trying to do the same for myself - find a look that isn't forced, yet looks polished.  Here, I used MAC Blooz eyeliner and smudged the upper lash line.  Blooz is one of my favourite liners, as the shade really compliments my natural eye colour.  I used Angelika blush on the cheeks.  It also becoming one of my go-to stand-by's in the blush world.  I love how 'pink' it looks, yet how subtly it applies.  It's the healthy glow my skin needs.  Finally, the lipstick is Revlon Plumalicious.  This shade is definitely going on my top 5 list of lipstick favourites.  I'm very comfortable and happy in this look.  I love the shades of smokey blue in combination with pink and plums :)


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing what brand Angelika blush is? Thanks. <3

Renata said...

Of course - Angelinka blush is by NARS. It's a very pretty shade - one of my favourite pinks :)