Saturday, March 5, 2016

Estee Lauder Hot Sienna Blush

This blush shade is absolutely gorgeous.  It's very true to it's name - a very spicy sienna shade.  I couldn't help but want to wear this blush as a lipstick shade, so I used a lip brush and blended this blush with some lip-balm to create the perfect sienna lip.  

Of course I also used this shade as my blush :)  For the eyes, I wanted to create a neutral, subtle smokey look, so I used Urban Decay Demolition eyeliner and smudged Revlon cocoa shadow into the liner.  I finished the look with some black mascara.  I find that this look is very becoming with my rich brunette hair and olive skin tone.  I am now determined to find a lipstick version of Hot Sienna so I can swipe and go :)

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