Monday, March 28, 2016


I am very excited to write this post!  I was asked to participate in the 'Ultimate Vegas Outfit' challenge.  I of course, wanted to take the perspective of a makeup artist and create a look to go along with a black-gold shimmer pashmina with black dress pants.  Part of the challenge is to respond to the 'dream question': what would I create if I could spend a day in Los Vegas??? :)

When I think of Las Vegas, I most definitely think of lots of bling and fast-paced fun.  However, I also think of the image of an elegant, fun-loving look. When choosing a look, there’s so many different Las Vegas hotels to style for!   Vegas isn't just about getting lost in the casinos, its also about individuality, sensual mystery and 'fun'.  My look is more about a classic, girls night out type of makeup.  I wanted to pair a classic black liner, neutral eyeshadow, pink blush and red lipstick with a hint of rose.  It's a look that says 'Bond Girl' who knows her worth:

For the Ultimate Vegas Outfit experience, it's key to pair this look with a shimmery black pashmina with gold threading.  It's the perfect marriage with a classic red lip.  Diamond studs is the ideal accessory!  For this makeup, it's key to keep your eyeshadow natural.  I went with a shade called Quarry by MAC.  The black liner is the key for this look.  It is the 'ultimate vegas' answer to Chic Eyes.  I used Marc Jacobs highlighter gel crayon.  It applies so well and easy to carry for those vegas party touch ups.  The blush shade is subtle for this look - Bobbi Brown Sand Pink is the ultimate pink blush!  The lipstick is what takes centre stage.  When I think Vegas, I think 'red lip', but I wanted to give it a bit of a 'twist', so I used NARS Jungle Red lipstick, but then went over this shade and created a pretty outline with MAC Nightingale lipliner. If I spent a day in Vegas, this would be my 'Ultimate Vegas Outfit' and makeup look.  Vegas is unforgettable and so is the allure of a woman :) 

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