Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Autumn Copper Inspiration

I found a photo on-line that to me represents the perfect copper tone for Autumns - its not too light or bright (i.e. Its not a copper for Spring colour types) - its got the most harmonious balance of warmth, depth, richess and copper-spice!  I've decided to make this photo the 'inspiration' for my next hair-colour and attempt to experiment with the True Autumn Palette:

Although my natural hair-colour is a medium chestnut brown and its best to stay relatively close to your natural colour, there is just something in me 'itching' to experiment with the Autumn reds!!!  I guess I'm the type of peson that if I don't 'get it out of my system', it will start eating me up inside, so I've decided to be BOLD, be a little daring and take the plunge.  Its all about having a little bit of fun and spice for life!!!  I'm hoping that in a few weeks time I'll be a golden, warm copper goddess!!!!  I will keep everyone posted as my True Autumn journey continues!!!


Operation Green Shoes said...

That is a really beautiful color. I might have to try that some time!

Love your blog!


Renata said...

Thanks so much Melinda! I'm probably going to do the colour within the next two week, stay tuned for pictures! To me, Copper is such an elegant colour - I hope it suits me!!!