Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seeing 'RED'

Since my latest hair-colour and embracing the world of the red-head, I decided to do a little tribute post to beautiful red-heads everywhere:

Regardless if your a natural red-head or someone who can just rock this hair colour, red-heads seem to be fiery, wild, unpredictable and original, but in a sexy, seductive way.  Red is not for the shy and meek - its for the courageous and passionate!!!

Marcia Cross is one of all time favourite celebrity red-heads.  She has always stayed faithful to red and really knows how to rock her copper toned locks.  Her makeup is always complimentary to her hair colour and she isn't afraid to be different.  Nichole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan have the potential to embrace their natural copper, fiery hair colour, but they run in the 'blonde' direction.  I don't understand that - I give a huge 'thumbs up' to Marcia - she isn't afraid of being herself and working what God gave her!!!

One celebrity that only slightly dabbled with blonde is Julianne Moore, but aside from that, she is another celebrity that gets a thumbs up for embracing her copper red hair and being proud of her original features and ivory skin-tone!

I love the fact that there are so many different shades of red.  I particularily love this true ginger shade.  To me, this shade is so unique and the women who wear it well, seem to have such a beautiful natural glow to them.  Of the entire red sceptrum, this is one of my all time favourite shades of red!!!

My favoutrite celebrity 'Ginger' is Isla Fischer.  Isla has the most incredible ginger locks and she doesn't try to mess with a good thing.  I particularily like when Isla wears the warmer autumn makeup shades that enhances the warmth in her hair even more.  Sometimes stylists try to get natural red-heads to wear pink and in opinion, it clashes with their natural beauty,  Isla is particularily such a stunning red-head and I love it when she embraces her colours fully!!!

On the other end of the red sceptrum is a vivid, more intense true red shade.  This shade is a lot harder to pull off, as its not the most natural looking red shade, but it oozes with originality and confidence!!!

Next to ginger, bright copper is my favourite red shade.  There is something about copper that I find fascinating - I think I'm drawn to the more orange tones and copper seems to harmonize so well with these colours.  Copper can look both natural and forced, but if it works with your skin tone, I say 'Go For It'!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this little tribute to red-heads.  Perhaps its even inspired you to try going in the 'red' direction.  If you're a natural red-head, embrace your beauty, play up those red-tones even more!!! 

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