Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Autumn Eye

With most people, its very clear what their eye-colour is: blue, green.brown, hazel etc etc.  I've always had an incredibly difficult time describing my eye-colour.  People will tell me, you have cool looking eyes - what colour are they?  I honestly didn't know how to answer them!  Do I give the half an hour speech of how my eyes are a grey-green-blue with amber flecks, but they change colour, so some days they look really green, other days they look a warm blue etc etc etc.  When I was told I was a cool season and wore the grey shadows, my eyes took on this very muddy grey-green look (the amber flecks decided to hide from the coolness).  Once I discovered I'm a true autumn and read up on the colour descriptions for Autumns, I realized that this whole time I've been hiding my warm khaki-olive eyes:

I guess I never really questioned if the grey presence in my eye was a warm or cool based grey?  I assumed that grey meant 'cool', not  giving thought to the possibility that my eyes were a warm olive shade instead (which I now see they are).  However, I never stoped questioning 'well, what about the amber specks???' - The specks are clearly 'warm'.  Wearing the warm gold and amber shadows really brought out all the warmth in my eye (i.e. in this photo I'm wearing a warm khaki-gold shadow).  My eyes no longer appear dull and lifeless, but sparkly and alive.  I've always thought that eye colour was so fascinating, especially how it relates to one's season!  Here are some other photos of an autumn eye:

If you're interested in comparing your eyes with the different seasonal eye patterns, check out this website:
Its got great information about colour and how it relates to you!

One of the great things about finding out your colours is that things finally make sense or appear clear!  Sometimes your drawn to a particular eyeshadow but think 'I can't wear that - its not an 'in' colour or you simply don't understand why you feel your eyes are warm/cool when someone tells you differently (don't trust picture analysis, its not always right, it 'can' be, but not always) - ALWAYS go with your gut instinct and if you can, do the best thing you can do for yourself and get an in person colour analysis done - its really worth it - its opened up my EYES - literally!!!


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