Monday, November 7, 2011

Graceful Lady

I feel very blessed lately - first to have discovered by best colour palette (True Autumn) and most recently, to discover my 'style type' as a Soft Classic.  This whole journey of discovering my best self has opened my eyes and made me become aware of my best self.  The media creates this image of whats 'in' and many of us follow that advice blindly, accepting each new trend as it comes along, but never stoping to ask: 'Is this me?', Do I like this?  Does this style suit me?  Does this make me look my 'best'???  Every woman should be able to answer 'Yes' to each of these questions.  I have 'always' been drawn to a more classic style, but found that some classic styles are slightly too heavy.  The Soft Classic is a perfect fit for me.  It has that delicate flair that I admire within the classic domain.  I've been studying my Soft Classic style and decided to find some photos so that I could have a visual of what kind of style Soft Classic really is:

I think this is a perfect example of what style a soft classic should look for.  According to Kibbie, SC's should look for a rounded neckline, definition in the waist and skirts/dressed that are tappered at the hempline, but not too clingly or tight.  I can just invision this dress in an elegant chocolate brown colour, gold-ball stud eatings, a belt to emphasise the waistline even more and a pair of beautiful heels with an open toe!  My vision spells grace and sophistication for Soft Classic's!!!

Soft Classics apparently really shine when they wear a 'jeweled neckline' (pictured above).  The delicate flower detail is what Soft Classic is all about - adding that 'romantic' touch.  I don't personally own too many jewel neck tops, but its something I'm going to be more 'aware' of the next time I go shopping!

This dress is what Soft Classic is all about - the bow detail is both elegant, adding just enough detail without being 'too much'.  I find this look very sophisticated and I could honestly see myself wearing this to an event.  I like how the skirt is slightly flaired (a SC feature), but not overdone.  It still creates a stunning silouhette and outlines the body perfectly!

Aside from the slightly overdone jewelery (its too dramatic for my taste), the clothes in this photo are a perfect representation of what a Soft CLassic would wear as an everyday look.  I absolutely love the romantic detail on the collar and the button detail on the sleeve.  The fact that the sleeves are tappered is an indication that this blazer/jacket is ideal for Soft Classics.  Even the models long, soft, delicate waves are a perfect SC hair style - this truely is an elegant look!

Looking back at all the styles that have inspired me: European-Chic, Classic-Preppy, Feminine, City Chic and Nautical - I can really see that my own inner voice has always been attracted to that classic look with a polished, feminine and romantic flair.  I think that putting Kibbie aside, style should make you feel like 'you'.  I think every woman should dress in such a way that she feels great on the inside and looks great on the outside.   The one thing I really like about Kibbie's approach is that each style is a guidline, not word for word 'truth' that one must abide by.  Just like finding out your best colours and using them to enhance your best self - you can do the same by finding your best style.  Style is very different from fashion and trends.  Style is an expression of who you really are to the outside world.  Its a way to show the world a little bit about yourself and having fun in the process!!!


malissa said...

Hello Renata,

I think it's wonderful you've found your most suitable style! I'm also a Soft Classic.

You may want to check out They have some very chic Soft Classic pieces.

Have a blessed weekend!


Renata said...

Awesome - thanks so much Malissa for telling me about softsurroundings, I can already tell I'm going to get a ton of ideas from that site - Thanks so much for sharing!!!