Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lip Drape Experiment

This is another one of my fun 'by request' posts.  I've been blogging a lot about various True Autumn lipsticks and was asked if I could do a post wearing these lip-shades without any other makeup, kind of like doing a 'lip drape'.  I decided to pick out all the True Autumn lipsticks that I wear on a regular basis and that have been recommended for True Autumns.  Here we go:

This is Make Up For Ever #17 lipstick - its more of a blending/mixing shade, but it fits the TA colour fan very well and I actually like blending it just with a liner - it screams 'warmth'

Revlon's Sandalwood Beige - this is my favourite and most natural of the TA lipsticks I draped myself in - I adore this shade!!!

This is the deepest shade in the TA colour fan - a deeper golden brown shade with a hint of red.  This is my go to drama shade!

Cover Girl 'Temptation' lipstick is a lovely orange shade with a hint of shimmer!

This is currently my all time favourite 'red' lipstick - its MAC's Chili and is often suggested for TA's!

MAC's Strength is another lipstick that is often recommended for TA's - its got that deeper copper shimmer effect and looks fantastic if you want to create an elegant, polished look!

Vita by FACES reminds me a lot of Chili, but with less red and more of a brown base.  In the tube, it looks very brownish-orange and its one of my favourite shades to wear!

So Chaud by MAC is the brightest shade in the TA palette.  Its described as a true orange-red and I absolutely adore this colour.  This is one of those 'gala night'/'glam' lipsticks!!!

I have to say that creating this post has been very eye-opening.  Its fun to create makeup looks, but its just as interesting to see lip shades on their own without any other makeup competing for attention.  Doing this post has completely solidified my status as a True Autumn, not that I doubted at all, but its just strengthened and confirmed what my best shades are.  Its also helped me narrow down which shades are the most natural/day shades and which to reserve for evening/party events.  I really appreciate when people ask me to do requests - its fun to create these kinds of posts!!!  Also, I'd love to hear your opinion about the lip drapes - do you have a particular favourite???


Sneza said...

If I had to pick a favourite... I really like MAC's Strength on you... followed closely by Cover Girl Temptation. Go figure!

Renata said...

Thanks Sneza - I really like those colours as well - so far the winners on my FB posting have been: Sandwalwood Beige (for day), CHili (for evening), Strength and Temptation!!!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

I agree! The Mac Strength looks great on you!!


Renata said...

Thanks Jeanine!!!