Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warm Olive Green Eyes

Lately, I've been looking for eyeshadow and liners that are true to the Autumn palette.  Brown is a staple for Autumns and I love the warm brown and chocolate shades, but I also want some alternative shades for those days that I want to do something 'different'.  I decided to try some warm olive green shade.  Pictured above is Make Up for Ever #47 eyeshadow - it was a colour that was screaming 'buy me' when I saw it - and of course, I listened!!!

I decided to create a look based on this warm olive, almost khaki shade.  I use #47 from my lid to the crease and then used MAC's Uniform eyeliner on the top and bottom lashline.  I then used Stila's 'Flash' liquid liner and smudged it into the upper lash line:

To finish off the warm olive look, I decided to balance out the rest of the makeup with soft copper tones.  I used Make Up For Ever #48 blush (a rust-orange shade) and Strength lipstick by MAC.

I really like the olive tones as an alternative.  I was worried at first that it was too close to my eye-colour and would look muddy and dull, but I actually really like the effect of the olive shades!!!


Fil said...

Classic with a touch of Romantic -- that feels rather nice!

Gina said...

I'm a soft autumn, and in spite of my green eyes, most purples (which are supposed to "pop" green eyes) make me look either sick or as if I've been socked in the eye.

I love this olive shade on you. Your eyes and your skin tone can take the colour well.

Renata said...

THanks so much GIna - I know what you mean about the purple shades - I used to look like someone punched me in the face when I wore these shades, yet purples are always recommended for green eyes??? THanks for the compliment on the olive shades - have you ever tried these shades yourself? I know that a 'sage' green is recommended for Soft Autumns - I think BObbi Brown has a really nice sage green shade - it may be worth checking out!!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, but on my monitor, your eyes look grey overall vs green?