Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kibbe's prime Soft Classic Celebrity- Olivia de Havilland

This post is part 2 of my Kibbie 'Soft Classic' experiment.  I decided to compare some more photos between myself and Olivia de Havilland - not to see if we look alike in any-way, but more to confirm is the delicate and soft features are similar between her and I.  She is considered the 'Prime Soft Classic Celebrity':

Here is the second set of photos for comparison:

Some more photo comparisons:

And the final comparison:
This post was a lot of fun and I'm curious to see if there really is something to our delicate features being alike!!!  I definitely see a lot of similarities!!!


Jenava said...

Hey, I just found Kibbe's questionnaire online and I am soft classic, too, I think. And I think there is some resemblance here as well, so that re-inforces it for me! I just ordered the book on amazon.

Renata said...

Thats awesome Jenava - I'm finding that the more I'm ebracing the Soft Classic, the more 'authentically me' I feel - I've always moved towards the dramatic both with clothes and makeup and I realize now that look isn't me at all - I think in the end, its about embracing who you really are - Soft Classic types are truely elegant - so happy to hear you are a SC too!!!