Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finding a "Look"

Make-up is something that inspires me.  I'm always seeking new and fun colour combinations, ways to line my eyes, new colours for my cheeks, what gold based shadow can I add as a pop of colour etc etc etc - the fun is endless!  However, if you're living with a budget in mind, loving makeup can also become a bit problematic if you're not careful!!!  The makeup industry makes a profit on up and coming trends, showcasing the in and 'up and coming' shades, often marketing shades that are 'limited additions', so if you miss out now, you loose!  I personally try to stay away from limited edition shades because I'm always afraid that if I start to love a colour - what happends when I can no longer buy it?  I recently had a conversation with a woman who had her colours done in the early 90's.  She told me that it was the best experience of her life and she still wears her colours and loves them!  She told me that she also got a style analysis done, something that I'm learning more and more about with the Kibbe 'Soft Classic'!  This woman told me that her colour/style analysis saved her a lot of money in the end, because she knew what she was looking for.  Her colour analysist told her she only really needed 4 lipsticks (1 neutral, 1 red, 1 coral, as she was a true spring and 1 deep evening shade from her palette).  She then went on to tell me how once you apply your style type to your makeup routine 'everything' changes for the better.  According to Kibbe, each style type does their makeup differently.  Dramatic types need a more dramatic makeup look to compliment their style.  Naturals, on the other hand, need a very subtle, neutral-toned makeup look.  I'm a Soft Classic, so my look includes a sophisticated and elegant look with some added shimmer.  Soft CLassics are classics, with added 'romantic' touches - the shimmer is that added romantic touch.  It shouldn't be overdone, but subtle, like a frost based lipstick vs a matte!  I find this concept so interesting and decided to de-clutter my makeup bag so I can work on buying products that complement my 'entire' look - vs buying the latest colour, only because it happens to be great for True Autumns.  There is a lot to be said about finding your own personal look and as a Soft-Classic, True Autumn, I feel like I'm closer and closer to that every-day.  Here is a makeup look I created to show-case both my warm colour palette and my soft-classic style:

For this look, I started with my basic face - W4 concealer by Loreal, HD foundation in #155 by Makeup For Ever.  For my eyes, I used 'Silent Night' by NARS as a base (its a shimmering gold shade, but its very subtle once applied).  I used MAC's Woodwinked from my lid into the crease (a beautiful deeper gold shade).  I lined my eyes with Uniform eyeliner by MAC and smudged Make Up For Ever's #47 shadow into the upper lashline.  I used Teddy eyeliner by MAC on the lower lashline.  Pretty your World's 'Hot and Spicy' was my blush choice.  I used it to compliment the lipstick, which is Strength by MAC.

When I posted this photo on my Facebook 'True Autumn' album - I started to get great reviews and those that are familiar with Kibbe's style types sensed that it really suited the Soft Classic look I was after,  Its always fun to find a look.  I think its great to not just have a day look, but to find looks that suit your different needs.  E.g. Perhaps you are a woman who needs a natural-day look, office look, Party look and glam look.  For other, it may just be a natural look and party look etc.  Part of the reason I love makeup so much is that its all about self-discovery and these days its about 'my best self' discovery!!!  Be your own woman, be your best self and find looks that work for you!


Winda Tiodang said...

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Renata said...

Thank-you very much Winda! Your blog is fantastic and I really like it - thank you for sharing it with me. I have become a follower. I'm not really a twitter user - I think I set up a personal account, but I never use it! Thanks for recommending me!!!

singularfocus said...

Very EuroChic!!! I'm doing this fun project for my SoftSummer/Romantic image building I think I'm gonna share. I'm collecting photographs of romantics, finding landscapes that evoke the soft summer romantic image (lots of fairy tales and romance movies!) and other things that connect the two and making a giant image board. Much like what Christine does on the FB page. Anyways, I was looking through magazines and totally thought of you :) That Ivy Leauge in the fall look is so close to you. Like that hot professor strolling around at Harvard amongst the Fall leaves with her chic Italian leather boots and EuroChic style. ;)

Renata said...

Wow - thats soooo awesome singularfocus - what a fantastic idea and that romantic, dream combination with the dusky shades of soft summer will look incredible. So interesting that you see the ivy look for me and the Euro chic - thats what I'm all about - I've always been drawn to the Tommy H adds - I love that soft classic look so much! Thanks so much for writing and sharing - I really appreciate it!!!