Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going 'Casual'

I recently got a request from someone who is interested in learning more about creating a 'Soft Classic' look, specifically for those 'casual' times.  I've spent some more time looking into what exactly it means to be a Soft Classic, then got to work looking for using these details for creating an 'everyday' look:

A 'cowl' neck sweater or top is the perfect and essential look for anyone wanting to create that 'Soft Classic' feel and energy.  With Soft CLassic, its all about the feminine details and the very essence of the cowl neck creates that feminine edge.  For 'Soft' classics, I wouldn't overdue the jewelery, perhaps just a watch and one bracelet.  Even though this photo doesn't show the entire outfit, it does justice to the concept of the look and feel of Soft Classic style.

I think that this look captures a great idea of what a casual, everyday look is for a Soft Classic in our modern, trendy world.  This look seems very unique and original, but still soft and still classic, which is the look I am after.  I have to be honest and say that when Soft Classic first started to appear as a winner for me, I was concerned how to incorperate this look fully with all the changing fashions and trends.  However, the more I look at all the elements of soft classic style, the more I realize, there are a lot of options and you can create 'endless' new looks and have a lot of fun with clothes and shopping!

At first glance, this look doesn't seem very casual and slightly leaning fowards classic vs soft classic.  This is actually a picture of a painting that is meant to represent 'Parisian Style'.  However, the more I looked at it, the more I saw elements of Soft Classic style.  The dress and trench coat are a perfect length for Soft Classics, the heels are perfect without being too clunky or platform-ish, the hat also seems to have the feminine flair.  There also seems to be something very 'flowing' and charming about the way this woman looks.  I think that with a few extra feminine details, this would be the perfect look for meeting friends for dinner or for that in-between casual and going out look.  Its a look you can take to work and then out for a drink afterwards.  Perhaps to make the look even more casual, you could do away with the hat and go with a trouser that is tappered at the bottom.  There is no reason why someone can't be both casual and classy!!!

I absolutely ADORE this hat for Soft Classics on a casual day - it has that romantic flair, but still very classic.  Soft Classics are supposed to look for smaller hats that are rounded and this fits that description perfectly!  I love how the neckline on this top is very rounded, feminine, yet casual - this would be the perfect weekend look for Soft Classics, paired with jeans that aren't too snug, but that fit the body like a glove!

Some people think of scarves as a way to dress up a look - I see scarves as 'essential' to a look regardless if your going casual or dressy.  There are endless ways to tie a scarf and I like the slight romantic detail of the way the scarf is tied in this photo.  Try to imagine this scarf over a light sweater with a rounded neckline, a pair of basic black pants or jeans and ballet flats.  The look would be incredible and perfect for everyday!

I got this photo from the 'All Glam THings' blog, which I love and visit frequently - I highy recommend that you visit the site, as you will find many wonderful fashion and style tips.  I particularily liked this look because the pink top is perfect for a soft classic in my opinion.  Also, the black pants pictured are ideal for soft classics, with their fitted (not tight) size and tappering at the bottom.  I wish the heel on the shoe wasn't wedged but rather a slender heel.  However, I think this is a great, hanging out with the family casual look!

This look is not 100% soft classic, but its such a typical look that we turn to for everyday-casual wear, that I decided to post it and show you how you could 'tweak' it to make it soft classic.  First, I would keep the jeans and if you're not afraid to wear heels everyday, I say wear them.  Otherwise, go with a classic ballet flat to really soften up the look.  I would then go with a long sleeved shirt that has a cowl or jeweled neckline.  I would invest in a purse that is slightly rounded and perhaps the finish the look with a few romantic/feminine details.  Perhaps, a scarf, silver, gold or diamond stud earings and perhaps even a broach if your top is overly simple.  I'm learning that with Soft Classic, its all about the details!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this going 'casual' post.  Like I mentioned before, I'm still a newbie at being a soft classic, but I'm enjoying all the learning I'm doing.  I really like taking requests, so if there is ever anything you'd like me to blog about or if you have any questions regarding makeup or style, I'd love to be able to help and offer my advice!!!

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