Saturday, November 5, 2011

'Pretty Your World' Makeup Line: Blush Review

For those of who follow Lora Alexande'rs website and blog 'Pretty Your World' (, you will be aware that Lora just came up with her own Make-up line.  So far, I've had the opportunity to order some blushes and there is only one word that describes the quality of her products 'Amazing'!  The blushes feel so soft against the skin, they actually remind me more of a mineralized type makeup.  The quality actually 'exceeds' MAC's blushes!  I love the fact that you can shop by your 'season' which is very helpful if you already know your palette and what looks the best on you.  However, you can search the makeup line and order whatever your heart desires, as each shade comes with a description of the colour and so far, the descriptions have been 'right on the money'.  I really dislike when you read a description like 'sheer pink' and the colour actually ends up looking like a un-flattering mauve (trust me, its happened)!  Lora's colour desciptions are true to what the colour actually is.  Also, I love the fact that she has a 'neutral blush' and 'neutral lipstick' section, where you can purchase shades that are natural enough colour wise to suit almost anyone. 

I wanted to share some photos of the blushes I ordered:

The packaging is really great for the blushes - its actually a 'twist off' cap, but its well-made.  Its not one of those twist off caps where you spend 10 minutes trying to put the cap back on.  The colours pictures here (from left to right: Goldfish, Hot and Spicy, Buddah).  There are my 3 favourite from the 4 that I ordered.  I also ordered a shade called 'orgasmic' which is a lighter peachy-pink shade.

Here is a photo of the same three blushes pictured without the cap.  Goldfish is one of my all time favourites - its the perfect warm 'spicy' peach shade.  It really compliments the makeup I've been wearing very nicely.  I also use it as a pop of colour over darker russett and terracotta shades.  Hot and Spicy is the most recent colour that I got and I absolutely 'Love' it - its very much a deeper, spicy ginger/terracotta type shade.  I think its the perfect layering colour and I really like to blot this shade over 'Photo' lipstick - it creates the perfect 'spicy brown' shade.  Finally, Buddha - first of all, I love the 'name' - I actually like to wear this shade when I go for my yoga classes (LOL) - Its quite neutral in colour when compared to the warmth of goldfish and hot and spicy and I like to wear it when I'm creating a more natural look.

A close up of my two favourite shades - 'Goldfish' and 'Hot and Spicy'

I decided to create a look using these two blushes.  I layered 'Hot and Spicy' with 'Goldfish' which I used as a 'pop of colour'.  I then blotted the 'Hot and Spicy' shade over Photo lipstick by MAC.  For my eyes I used NARS 'silent night' as a base, MAC's Romp eyeshadow from lid to crease and Amber lights on the lid.  I lined my eyes with Teddy liner and used Romp on an angled brush to smudged into the upper lashline:

I look forward to ordering more of Lora's products.  I think I will try some of the lipsticks and I already have my eye on two eyeshadows in particular.  I will definitely do reviews of those in the future once I order them.  I honestly have to say that after trying Lora's blushes, I'm 'hooked' - I will continue to order them and I highly, highly recommend that you try it for yourself - You will not be dissapointed in the quality of her products!!!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Your makeup looks great! I particularly like the way your bluch looks in the last picture.

Are you combining them both in that one?


Renata said...

Hi Jeanine - Thanks for writing and for your feedback! Yes, I'm wearing the darker shade 'Hot and Spicy' and then I always use a lighter or brighter shade as a pop of colour - in this case, its the 'Goldfish' shade! I learned that trick from Bobbi Brown - she says that every woman should use two blush colours: 1 medium shade that harmonizes with your skin tone and another 'brighter' shade as a pop of colour!