Sunday, November 13, 2011

From 'Ugly Duckling' to 'Me'!

Yesterday I became a bit philosophical - Perhaps its my new, awesome hair colour!  I was 'pondering' on the topic of self-discovery and how we all go through different moments in our lives when we are sure and un-sure of ourselves.  When I was in elementary school, I was a bit of a 'geek' so to speak.  I had those thick glasses that made me look bugged-eyed.  I had naturally thick, curly hair that I didn't know how to work with and style (mousse, gel and styling products weren't a part of my world until high school), so my hair looked fizzy and 'big', I was made fun of, I thought I was uber-ugly, I was overweight etc etc etc - Elementary and High school can be really 'tough', especially when you're not someone who easily fits in!  Today, I am such a drastically different person - both inside and out.  I'm happy, have great friends, have discovered a myrad of styling products for my hair, have developed a style and makeup sense, feel good about myself.  I almost feel like a human representation of 'the ugly ducking' story!  Recently, my journey has become even more interesting - I had my colours done and have embraced them fully (even taking my haircolour into a rich auburn shade), I know my Kibbe style type (Soft CLassic), I'm developing a wardrobe with a 'look' vs trendy peices that don't fit one another!  For the first time in my life, I really feel 100% 'Me' - I'm not trying to be anyone else - I don't 'Want' to be anyone else.  I'm completely happy being me - wearing 'my' colours, dressing in 'my' style, developing 'my' look!  I actually feel like I'm becoming one of those women I've always admired and looked up to! It's a Wonderful Feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

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