Thursday, August 6, 2015

Casual Classic Work Look

One thing that's been on my mind lately is getting back to a simple, classic palette for work!!!  September is just around the corner and I'm committed to sticking to a minimal, chic makeup wardrobe.  I started decluttering my makeup bags and made quite a few interesting discoveries, particularly about the colours I keep coming back to and which are my best neutral/natural shades.  One of those shades is the lipstick 'Pigalle' by NARS - I swiped it on just now and realized that it's the perfect 'classic work' lipstick!  I created a warmer, bright orange look earlier, so all I did was adjust the blush - I removed the brighter coral shade from earlier and applied Madly blush by NARS. I kept the eye makeup the same - its neutral/natural enough to work with many different looks and I'm absolutely loving the gold/grey combination right now for eyes.  The gold really picks up on the natural gold flecks in my cool grey hazel eyes, so gold/grey is the perfect combo for me!!!  I removed the bright orange (which would be a great go to evening look, so its worth keeping it around in your purse) - and applied Pigalle lipstick - NARS!!!

Super excited to wear this when I get back to work - I think its polished, classic and perfect for a day/casual look :)

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