Friday, August 21, 2015

Minimal/Natural VS Smokey/Dramatic

I'm definitely on a roll when it comes to 'a-ha' moments!  I've recently started to take the advice of some of my readers to try a more natural/minimal makeup look.  I'm surprised as how much I really like it.  However, it wasn't until I took this comparison photo that I can really see the difference.  Now, that's not to say that the smokey/dramatic look doesn't have a place in my future.  I just think that it's definitely a look reserved for evening or a special event.  However, for everyday, I'm really preferring the 'le no makeup look'.  I'm almost kicking myself a little for not really seeing the difference.  I think I was so caught up with creating an alluring smokey eyed, dramatic look, that I failed to see the elegance of 'unmasking' the drama and using makeup to enhance my features in a 'Delicate' way.  I think that Delicate is doing to my be my new makeup word/look - a delicate, soft elegance.  In a way, this a-ha moment is linked with coming to terms with my soft autumn palette once again.  Wearing shades that are soft, warm, Renoir-esque, has inspired me to create a different type of look.  However, those of you who read my blog and comment, give me feedback - you have all inspired me as well, so Thank-you!!! :)

The first thing that's obvious right away is that I look much younger without makeup.  Now that i'm getting older and am in my late 30's - that's a very good thing!!!  I also feel that my face 'glows' with less makeup - although I haven't changed my concealer/tinted moisturizer routine.  The liner on the lower lash line definitely closes in the eye as well!  I still like the smokey look for a glam event, but even then, I think I'll try to create a look that is somewhere in between these two looks!!!  I'm very inspired and happy to be creating some more natural-minimal makeup looks soon :)

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