Saturday, August 15, 2015

NARS Rue Bonaparte Eyeliner

I have to admit to everyone that I am quite enjoying playing around with a lighter, more natural eye-makeup look.  A huge part of my new conversion is thanks to discovering NARS Rue Bonaparte Eyeliner.  The credit goes to the awesome makeup artist at the Saks Fifth Avenue Chicago location that helped me out on my recent trip.  Since that time, all I've been doing is testing out the beauty of this liner and how to sculpt and highlight the eye to really make them pop!  The trick for this look is applying the liner in the inner tear ducts of the eye and on the inner-rim of the lower lash line.  I used to apply my eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line and then smudge it out with a shadow to create that smokey look, which I still like, but I'm also really loving this look for everyday.  What I'm starting to really love is applying a darker liner on the inner rim of the upper lash line and using an angled brush to smudge in the liner slightly above the lash line!  I used Urban Decay 'Smoke' Liner and MAC espresso shadow to smudge.  I then applied my Dior black mascara!!!  For the rest of the makeup, I decided to keep it fresh, natural with a pop of warmth.  I used MAC Trace of Gold Blush and blended two of my favourites lipsticks - MAC Mocha with NARS Catherine (which I also picked up when I was in Chicago).  I always wanted to capture that perfect everyday natural look that is chic yet classic and I have to say that this is pretty close to the vision that I've always had in my mind!  I'm excited to play around with the Rue Bonaparte liner - I think that my next look will be to create a light, natural eye with a deeper, red lip!  Stay tuned!!! :)

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