Thursday, August 6, 2015

Orange Love - MAC So Chaud

Pinterest is one of my favourite websites.  I absolutely love pinning makeup ideas and searching for look ideas.  Yesterday, I came across a look I really loved and I decided that I had to create my own version.  The look was entered around the lipstick NARS Heatwave, which I don't currently have in my makeup bag, but its definitely going on my wish-list.  However, MAC So Chaud is an excellent dupe for Heatwave, which I absolutely 'always' have in my makeup kit!!!  I realized after playing around with So Chaud this morning how much I love the 'Orange Lip' look - its so 'Happy'!!!  What other colour says: loud, bright, fun, happy???  Well, maybe if you wore a bright yellow, but in all reality, that look is more for the runway and not so much for everyday.  I think that Orange is actually quite do-able for everyday, depending on how you wear it.  I think Orange is a lot like Red in that it can be quite classic when you pair it with neutral shades and a more natural looking face.  The Orange should be the focus with no other competition!!!  Here is the look I came up with.  I liked the combination of the Orange with the Lime green scarf.  However, if I wanted to wear this to work, I'd probably wear it with something more neutral.  Anyhow, here's the look:

I started this look with a classic golden toned based - I used concealer and Oucher tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier).  I used a pop of colour blush by the company NYX (not sure of the name as the label has worn off, but it's a bright coral-orange shade) - super pretty with the Orange Lip.  On the eyes, I tried to create a more classic look - I applied Goldmine Eyeshadow and Phone Number eyeliner by MAC - I smudged the liner on the upper lash line a bit to give this look a slightly classic-smokey look!  On the lips - So Chaud Lipstick by MAC!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Would love to see you experiment more with this. Liking the green on you and maybe a glossy sheer finish on a similar color lip?

Anonymous said...

Eyeliner too harsh... The green scarf and lips jump out... Stick with cooler and prob softer IMHO.