Monday, August 3, 2015

Gold meets Gray

I decided to try something new with my eye makeup today - lately I've been wearing a lot of my favourite goldmine eyeshadow by MAC, but Pairing it with browns and deep aubergine shades.  Today I decided to try going a different route.  I continued to use the goldmine shadow, but this time I used Phone Number eyeliner, a deep true grey as a liner.  I decided to blend Cork eyeshadow slightly into the liner to give it a touch of warmth.  I'm actually quite liking the gold/grey combo - it's such an unexpected, but pretty combination - check it out:

To finish off the look, I used NARS Oasis blush and then dabbed a little bit of Goldmine shadow on top of the blush.  For the lips, I went with my newest favourite shade - Het Loo by NARS :)

When I look back at my colour journey and think about all the colour combinations I've tried, there really is nothing better than using a palette that truly suits your skine tone, eye colour and natural hair colour - nature really knows best!!!  I have a lot of golden tones to my skin and quite a bit of grey in my eyes, so the gold-grey combo is definitely a keeper :)

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