Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How To Create an Elegant Day Into Night Look

There is something to be said about finding an elegant day into night look.  I find that this look always comes in handy, particularly if you want to wear something natural at work, but then need to go out afterwards.  The 'easiest' way to achieve this (and this is coming from years of observation - seeing various women in films, observing people at restaurants etc etc) is to keep your day makeup, but switch to a deeper lipstick.  I've posted before that MAC Retro is my favourite 'day red' - but it can also be the ideal 'crossover' colour, meaning it can easily cross over from a day to evening look.  The other KEY element to achieving the perfect day into night look actually has 'nothing' to do with makeup at all - its all about your accessories, the colour of shirt/dress you wear.  If you wear neutrals with minimal jewelry during the day, simply swap your studs for an elegant hoop earring, switch your work bag to a classic clutch, put on a funky bracelet and voila, you've completely changed your look. Similarly, if you wear very neutral shades to work, put on a pop of colour for evening - change your beige shirt to a pretty periwinkle, or add a gold scarf to your plain T - creating a great day into night look isn't complicated - it's about 'tweaking' what you already have for day!

Here is my day into night look:

I decided to keep my usual day makeup - concealer/tinted moisturizer, MAC Trace gold blush, a swipe of woodwinked shadow on the lid, some black mascara and Retro lipstick.  I then decided to put on a pair of glamed up gold hoops (they didn't really turn out in the pic because of my hair).  I put on a classic periwinkle toned top, kept my black pants and added a more dressy shoe (again, sorry didn't make it into the pic) - but basically, an evening look doesn't have to be outrageous - it should still be simple and 'You', just an enhanced version :)

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