Sunday, August 2, 2015

MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow

Goldmine is an eyeshadow that I 'always' have on-hand, even during the phases of my makeup obsessions when I'm not necessarily wearing the warmer tones.  I keep it on hand because its my absolute favourite gold shadow and no matter how many I try, I keep coming back to this one.  It's kinda like me and Mocha Lipstick by MAC, no matter what other colours I wear, this is one of the shades I keep coming back to - its like a trusted and worn out pair of jeans :)  You may find a better pair, but nothing beats whats the most comfortable!!!

Goldmine has a lot more yellow pigment in it compared to other gold shades, but its because its a more 'vivid' gold that it tends to go well with so many other colours and when you layer it overtop a darker shadow, the gold really comes out.  So yes, on its own it can be quite yellow, but layered, it's gold perfection.  In the look I created today, I applied goldmine from the lid to the crease and then created a smudged look with MAC coffee eyeliner and blended Deep Damson shadow into the coffee liner.  I wanted to make the look a touch more natural, so I took my goldmine brush and went over the liner/shadow look - result - perfect blend-ability :)  For my look, I used NARS Oasis, not only because I loved it, but it also has a slight gold shimmer and I thought the two would compliment each other well.  For the lips, I used MAC Boldly Bare lipliner, because I wanted something neutral as a foundation and then used my new NARS Het Loo overtop!!!  Check it out:

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