Friday, August 7, 2015

Rimmel 104 Lipstick

I love when you go to the drug store and they have a sale on their makeup - its always such a great deal.  Well yesterday I had to go pick up a few things for an upcoming trip to Chicago!  I actually tried my best to 'avoid' the makeup section, but who am I kidding?  It's okay just to look right???  lol

I actually have never worn any of the Rimmel matte lipsticks - the Kate Moss line.  However, I noticed a really pretty neutral-pink shade that I wanted to try, so I decided 'why not' - it was a really great deal!  I couldn't wait to try on the colour, I actually didn't even wait until I got home, I ended up using the receipt to take off the shade I was wearing beforehand :)  Anyhow, I tried on the #104 and I instantly noticed how great this lipstick feels as a 'matte' shade - it glides on beautifully, and it settles into a matte shade, but its not drying at all - bonus!!!  Next, the colour, it was fantastic - It was like a true neutral pink - very classic!  When I searched it up when I got home, I noticed that a few websites mentioned that this shade is actually a dupe for MAC's Twig lipstick - another bonus!!!

This is the same makeup look that I posted about yesterday (minus the lipstick change) - MAC Goldmine shadow, Phone Number eye liner and black mascara.  NARS Madly blush!!!

I'm really impress with this Kate Moss Matte lipstick line.  I'm curious to test out some of the other colours, however, nothing really spoke to me other than this neutral pink shade - however, there were a few reds that looks really great!  Just goes to show you that the next time you check out the drug store, don't forget the makeup section sales, you may just find a new fantastic colour!!! :)

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