Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anne Hathaway

I have always liked Anne Hathaway's look - her smooth, porcelain skin, rich brunette hair and deep rown eyes - she can pull off so many styles and looks incredible in a variety of colours.  She is definitely a 'deep' colour type! After seeing Anne host the Oscars and wearing all those incredible dresses, I decided to read up more about her look and style - she has that classy yet modern appeal that I really admire.  Here is a little tribute to Anne Hathaway:

I really admire how Anne Hathaway can pull off the rich and vivid lip colours - Red is one of her staples and favouites and she looks amazing in almost every red-toned shade, be it a brownish red to a richer brick red to a deep berry red - I absolutely 'Love' the rich toned highlights in her hair in this photo!

'The Devil Wears Prada' is one of my favourite movies.  I love how Anne's character gets made over from the girl next door to he utimate fashionista -  I think Anne looks amazing with bangs - this look really suits her!

Anne Hawathay showed off her true Fashionista ways at the Oscars. The red gown she wore on the red carpet was breath-taking.  You could really sense that this dress made her feel sexy, confident and feminine!  Red is definitely Anne's power colour!!!

Here are some of the other dresses that Anne wore throughout the evening at the Oscars - I love the royal blue fitted dress - the colour is so rich and suits her complexion so well! 

Aside from hosting the Oscars, Anne Hathaway is also the face for Lancome's new fragrance 'Magnifique' - she looks absolutely amazing in the ads -  love her natural yet seductive makeup!  This is the type of makeup I'm always looking to achieve - its not overdone, but its oozing with sophistication!

I think that Anne's long, flowing hair is one of her most striking features, but I have to say that she can also really work the shorter 'do' just as well!  I especially like Anne's hair in this photograph - its wavy and classic and her bold red lips and elegant black dress really add to the sophistiction of her look.  I have to admit that I prefer Anne in long hair, but I wanted to post this picture to show that a woman always has options when it comes to hair length and a 'shorter' change is always nice and refreshing!!!

While on the topic of hair, I wanted to show that Anne Hathaway looks stunning with a lot of warmth added to her hair - in these photos, Anne has a real rich, reddish brown hair colour and it really suits her.  Her look changes from 'Deep' to "Warm' and I have to say that she can really pull it off well.  I think Anne looks more striking as a 'Deep' but going warmer is a great option for her, especially as she matures!

Last but not least, I wanted to post my favourite photo of Anne - I am in 'Love' with her look in this picture - Her rich, deep, chestnut highlighted locks are amazing!  Her makeup is the perfect balance of sharp, defined eyes and a neutral warm rose-peach lipcolour.  She looks stunning!!!!

I really admire Anne Hathaways look, especially after seeing how well she carried herself at the Oscars - she has that confident yet elegant grace about her and she knows how to work her best features.  I have to say that I'm a tad bit jealous of her long deep-chestnut hair - its  absolutely fantastic and her hair always looks in great condition!  Cheers to you Anne Hathaway!!!

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