Friday, March 18, 2011

Neutral Eyes for Autumns and Springs

I'm so excited and happy to do my first request post - I was asked if I could blog about how to do a neutral, yet warm eye look for an autumn/spring and how to balance this look with various lipshades.  So here it goes:

Before I get into the colours I really like and would suggest, here are a few palette pics so you can get a visual of the neutral-warm shadow shades:

My favourite go-to warm neutral shades are Cork and Saddle - they have a very slight orange/spicy peach undertone, but they are very workable and buildable, especially when used in the crease and outer corners of the eyes:

The top shadow is Saddle - its leans slightly towards the orange-brown colour family, but its definitely still a neutral shade!  Cork on the other hand is more of a warmed-brown!

This model is wearing Cork in her crease/outer corners and also blended into her liner - its the perfect neutral shade if you're an autumn/spring!!!

I'm not sure exactly what mkeup shades Tyra is wearing in this picture, but there are many dark and deep skintones that are autumns and sparkle in the warm neutral shades - itwould be my guess that Tyra used a colour similar to Saddle and blended it with a metallic amber or warm gold shade like 'amber lights' by MAC - Notice how in both pictures - the model and Tyra have balanced their look with warm cheeks and a lighter peach lip (Tyra would look overdone if she had done a darker lip - the metallic tones blended into th shadow create an intense evening look.  The model on the other hand, has the perfect balanced 'day' look)

MAC lipstick in 'Strength' and Nars 'Beautiful Liar' lipcolours would be great choices to complete the look - they both have a slightly warmed/spicy peach with a hint of frost in them - they can be blended into a neutral liner like 'Hover' or made slightly deeper for evening with chicory or auburn lipliner

If you're after a more nude/peach look, try Honolulu Honey lipstick by NARS or Love Nectar Lusterglass by MAC (you can top virtually any lipstick with Love Nectar and it will lighly warm up the colour you're wearing and give it that light peach gleam - I'm not a gloss person, but Love this one)

To finish off the look I would recommend Coppertone (the top picture) or Gingerly blushes by MAC - They are 'amazing' - Coppertone is described as a warm-peach, while Gingerly plays up the peachy-bronze tones - either way, they are both 2 great warm-neutral shades that I love!

I really hope that this post is helpful and gives you some ideas to work with - I really enjoyed doing a request post - so keep those questions and requests coming!!!


Ranger said...

Wow! Well that's my dream post right there! Thank you, I've taken a lot of notes, I love the cork and saddle colours and the balance in the lipstick colours between neutral and warm. I often find lipsticks are too dark once on and try the layering you suggest, but as yet haven't found the balance. So much make up looks 'heavy' if you have one of the colour types, especially the softs, that just can't take it.

Again, thank you, fascinating post!

Renata said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed the post - I was just thinking that if lipsticks tend to go dark you, I would suggest not necessarily changing the colour, but changing the texture of the lipstick - I find that cream and matte lipsticks are more colour-intense - instead try a 'sheer' lipstick or even a 'lip tint' for just a hint of colour. Also, if you're a soft, look for a 'salmon coral' - Bobbi Brown makes a lipstick called 'Salmon' you may like - instead of a bright/true coral!

Renata said...

I meant to add, that Bobby Brown also makes a lipstick called 'Baby Peach' - I think you're going to LOVE this colour - check it out next time you're at the beauty counter!!! I have a feeling it may become one of your holy-grail lip shades!!!

Ranger said...

Lip tints do tend to work better, you're quite right. I'd never thought of adding eyeshadow to lipstick what a brilliant idea! Now off to look up the Bobbi Brown suggestions, they look great!