Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrity 'Brunette' Springs

I have to say that I am now completely fascinated with the concept of a brunette or dark haired spring.  I decided to research various spring celebrities that have gone darker or are naturally dark, to simply show the versatility of being a spring.  What I love about springs is that they can really morph from Light to Warm to Clear.  Here is a little tribute to the dark haired spring:

Charlize Theron is a stunning spring.  With her usual light blonde hair she gravitates between a light and slightly warm spring, but as a brunette, Charlize could really work the clear spring palette. 

This photo is the perfect example of how a warm spring can morph into a clear spring and how beautiful a brunette/dark haired spring really is.  I didn't particularily like when Lindsay Lohan went dark at first, but I think that was because her makeup was always too light - with bright, clear makeup tones and uber-dark hair - I think she looks stunning!!!

Here is another picture of Lindsay with a darker more red-based brunette shade - I like the peachy tones of her makeup and how they play on her true spring colouring.

Here is another example of how a spring can morph based on her hair-colour - Kate Hudson is a beautiful light spring in the picture on the left and completely converts into a stunning warm spring on the right.  I think I prefer Kate with the blonde hair, but I wanted to post this picture as an example of how versaile the spring palette really is!

Beleive it or not, this is actually a picture of Marcia Cross sporting a chocolate brown brunette hair colour.  Although she still works the spring shades quite well with the darker hair - her 'signature' and best look is with her flaming red-copper hair.

Fergie really works the spring colour palette in this photo - check out the coral toned background and how well it compliments her colouring.  She looks amazing as a brunette spring!  Fergie is another celebrity that always seems to wear nude and neutral shades of makeup and although its not a bad look for her - I'd like to see her wearing more clear spring shades - I think she would really come to life in these colours!

I love Amy Adams  - she is one of my favourite actresses and I think she is so talented, regardless of what role she plays.  I recently saw her in 'Leap Year' and I think its one of the best 'romantic comedies' out there - so cute, funny and warming to the heart!  Amy stays true to her light auburn hair, but in this photo, she takes it up a notch and really deepens her auburn mane - I love how she balances the depth of the colour with a sexy smokey eye and light peach lips.  To me, this is such a sexy evening look for a spring!!!

Thanks for putting up with my current 'spring' obsession, but I feel the need to blog about it because I feel that brunette springs are so stunning and often mis-represented as winters.  Also, I wanted to show how well springs can morph from light to warm to clear!!!


lauermar said...

I have found myself in these pictures! Thank you! I'm so sick of seeing clear springs as blondes.

Renata said...

I'm so happy to hear that you liked this post and found it inspiring!!! I think brunette clear springs are so stunning - i'm glad your wearing your vibrant colours!!!

Unknown said...

I like Kate Hudson better in the warm spring picture! It seems to be the more genuine her and I know it is her natural hair color from old photos. So is she really a warm spring or light spring? What is her true season? Thank you. And why does she look so fabulous in Summer colors? I could find 50 photos of her in not Spring, but Summer colors looking stunning....

Renata said...

I think Kate Hudson is a light spring, which leans into light summer. It's really hard sometimes to determine celebrities because make up artists do such a great job at creating various looks. Perhaps there is more summer in her vs spring. However, I've always seen her look best in light spring colours - she seems to naturally glow in these shades :)