Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'Electric' Eyes

I decided to have some fun with my clear colours today.  Yesterday I treated myself to 2 new eyeshadows by MAC and today I wanted to create a look based on one of them.  The eyeshadow colour is called 'Freshwater' and it is NOT for the faint of heart.  This quite possibly is one of the most clear, bold, bright colours that MAC makes.  Check it out:

I fell in love with this shade as soon as I saw it.  I have to say that I was really hesitant to get it, thinking "What if its too bright?  What if I'm not a clear? What if I look like an absolute clown?" - Then I realized that life is too short for "What if's" and this would be the 'true' test to see if I am indeed a clear - if I can pull this colour off and make it look good, fresh and complimentary to my skintone vs clownish, garish, draining and unflattering, I will be 100% convinced that clear is the palette for me.  Well, I have to say that I 'Loovvvveeee' the result!  However, I also appreciate feedback, so let me know what you think - here is the look I created:

I started with my usual W4 concealer by Loreal, followed by Refined Golden Bronzer by MAC
On my eyes, I used a sheer white shimmer eyeshadow base by Sephora, then used 'Freshwater' on my lid into my crease.  I used 'Expensive Pink' on my lid and as a highlight in my inner tearducts.  I lined my upper and lower lashes with Industry eyeliner (one of my all time favourite liners) and then used an angle brush to smudge 'Freshwater' into the top lashline (Smudging an eyeshadow into my upper eyeliner is one of my favourite tricks and it allows you to create a distinct eyeliner shade)!  I finished it off with Voluminous mascara in carbon black by Loreal (my go to mascara)!

On my face I used Coppertone blush by MAC and then swept Torrid blush over-top (by NARS)
and to balance the 'bright' eye look, I used a sheer coral lipstick called 'Beautiful Liar' on my lips by NARS - I absolutely love this lipcolour and its starting to reach holy-grail status in my makeup-bag!

I really wanted to share this look with you because I'm so excited that I was able to make these colour work for me.  The other eyeshadow I purchased was 'Parfait Amour' - I can't wait to play around with that rich, bright, purple colour and create a look with it - stay tuned!!!

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