Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katie Holmes for Ann Taylor

Have you seen the new 2011 ad campaign for the Ann Taylor?  STUNNING!!!  Katie Holmes has recently become the new face for Ann Taylor and she is simply 'perfection' in the ads - everything from the soft colours to the classic look of Ann Taylor's clothes - the overall effect is pretty, romantic, soft and elegant (all the qualities I admire and seek out).  I have always looked to Katie Holmes as a style inspiration - she has such a classic, timeless look - a little bit of Jackie O and Grace Kelly mixed together.  I particularily love Katie's makeup in these photos - I tried to google what makeup she's wearing but didn't really come up with anything concrete, but the colours are definitely soft, with a dusky rose lipcolour and blush!  Check it out:

I love the background scene for this photo and ad - the soft shades of nature compliment the tones of the clothes and makeup she has on - I really wish I knew what makeup she was wearing here, I'd run out and buy it all - its gorgeous!!!

I love everything about this look - the neutral-light soft beige trench is fantastic - Katies hair looks so soft and touchable - I love the colour and style and as well (a beautiful medium brunette shade thats been toussled and layered to perfection).  I love, love, love this look!

Katie looks so elegant in this navy pantsuit - This is the perfect work look - Again, her hair looks amazing in this ad - I love how its wavy and very natural-playful looking!!!

Check out this behind the scenes photo from the Ann Taylor photo shoot - Katie was such a perfect choice for the ad campaign!!!

Bravo Ann Taylor for choosing Katie Homles to be the model in your ads - your 2011 ad campaign is elegant and sophisticated!!!

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