Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purple Eyes, Light Peach Lips

I love finding different colour combinations that are unique and work really well together.  Purple and Peach are two colours that when balanced correctly, have the most stunning effect.  It all has to do with contrast and balance - the bright purple eye with the light peach lip is the ultmate in contast and balance.  To make this look work, I think two things need to be weighed and thought out: 1) The eyeshadow should be bright and the main focus of the look 2) The cheeks and lips should be a light shade of peach or warm-pink and a sheer shade is better than a heavy matte look (note: light pink would work on the lips, but its the contrast between the purple and peach that really makes the visual impact stunning - you'll notice this in the pictures)

Check out the following pics and notice how striking and beautiful this look really is:

I 'LOVE' these makeup looks - In my opinion, the purple/peach combination is truly beautiful and breath-taking - Its both vivid and soft and its that very 'contradiction' that makes the look work so well - Here are a few colour suggestions to try:
Eyeshadow: Parfait Amour,Purple Haze and/or Satellite Dreams by MAC would be stunning for this look, paired with Perma Plum, Industry and/or smolder eye liner (use an angled brush to smudge parfait amour into the top lash line) and finish with black mascara
Blush - Stick with a light peach blush - remember that the eyes are the focus, the blush and lips should be a light and/or sheer peach shade - try Pinch-O-Peach blush by MAC or Peachy-Keen BLush
Lips - Try Baby Peach by Bobbi Brown or Honolulu Honey lipstcks.  If you're more of a gloss person try Love Nectar, Enchantress or Pink Lemonade (all by MAC)

I hope this post will inspire you to try the purple/peach combination - I know I'll be playing around with this look for sure!!!


Bree said...

I'm so sorry to say, but... WHY are you insisting on that eye make up? Whatever the colors are, they look anything but good on you. I think you looked absolutely wonderful in the clear, warm lip, you obviously need contrast. Why don't you switch the gray/silver (?) eye make up, and try some browns/copper/bronzes/beiges?

If I were to guess your season, I would say perhaps a TSp or BS? I think you need some "kick" to your colors, some clarity... The soft looks appear to wash you out.

I sincerely hope you don't think I meant to be mean, but I had to be honest! That gray's gotta go!

Renata said...

Hi Bree - Thanks so much for all your posts and comments - I don't think you're mean at all - in fact, I really enjoy getting feedback - a lot of these looks I don't wear on a daily basis, I just like playing around with different colours and blogging about them with the intention that people will comment - I really, really appreciate your thoughts that I am a true/bright spring (at least I hope thats what TSp and BS means)! Thanks again, if you have any more tips, colour suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!!