Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP)

I hope that SJP never reads this post - she may get angry with me for finding her way-back 80's pictures.  However, I wanted to blog about how easy it is to miscategorize a Soft season and how Hollywood stylists can completely create a new image for someone.  It's amazing when you look back at celebrities before they make it 'big' how drastically their look changes.  Take a look at SJP in her 'pre' Sex in the City days:

In this photograph, Sarah is a deep brunette (nothing like her current blonde mane with dazzling highlights).  She is wearing clear spring colours and her face looks drained and pale.  This look actually 'ages' her.  I think that very often brunette soft summers are miscategorized as other seasons - I think this occurs because they actually do look good in a lot of colours because of their neutral skintones (meaning they have elements of both cool and warm tones).  However, I can't blame SJP here, it was the 80's and we all know that the 80's was all about being as flashy and colourfull as possible.  Here are two more photos of SJP sporting her brunette hair colour:

In these two photos (without that crazy turqouise background like in the first photo) - you can easily see the ashy tones in her hair - this makes it a little bit easier to find her best colours.  It is clear that she belongs in the cooler spectrum, but the bubble gum pink is still too 'much' for her - In the last photo where her makeup is softer, you can really see that she benefits from the soft, cool tones vs the clear, vivid shades of the first two photos.

Now, take a look at SJP today (wearing her soft summer colours):

SJP looks her best self in this photo - I love how her makeup is soft, minimal and brings a glow to her face - she looks healthy and young!!!  She also looks like she was born a natural blonde - I love how 'fresh' she looks here!!!

These are the 'perfect' makeup shades for SJP = her lips are a dusty mauve-rose shade, her eyes are a smokey blue-grey and her cheeks have that stunning rose flush - the soft summer shades bring life to her face vs draining her (compare this picture to the very first one and you will see what I mean)!

Here is another example of how the hazy, muted and dusky soft summer shades really suit Sarah!!!

I really wanted to shine some light on the fact that brunettes are very often categorized as a deep or clear season, especially when their hair is darker and their eyes are hazel or a green-grey shade.  Very often brunettes who fall into this category are 'misplaced' when trying to find their season.  Most of them do end up veering into the cooler colour spectrum, which is not necessarily a bad thing,but its the 'softness' that they really need in order to glow and look their best.  Hurray for SJP - she has really found her 'best self' and embraced her soft summer colours - SJP: You look amazing!!!


Kat said...

These Soft Summer types seem so chameleon in their looks and really amaze me. SJP is so much like Jennifer Aniston that way. I never would have believed that either of them had such dark hair until I see the pics with my own eyes. How do they do this so convincingly that they end up getting classified as Springs or Soft Autumns? They even look good! Most of us could not get away with that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

I thought this post was awesome Renata, thanks so much.. I can see how Sarah's hair in the 80's kind of looks like Kate middletons color! I actually think SJP is beautiful! Nice post!

lauermar said...

The reason why this works so well is that soft seasons look great when pale highlights are added to their brunette hair. I remember Carole Jackson saying they are the ones who can frost. I'm a clear dominant who tried the frosted/highlighted look when it was fashionable in the 1990s, and it washed me out. People asked me if I was graying early (I wasn't.) Only after I restored my hair with a shiny medium brown rinse did the compliments come rolling in. So much for the "in crowd" who thinks all brunettes need highlights to look good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your post on darker haired Soft seasons! I am a Soft with deeper hair color and have wasted many a year walking around in bright and/ or vivid colors due to inaccurate color analysis drapings! Finally I feel like myself again in my soft color palette and I even blend with my surroundings, lol, because my home "knew" my season and mauves, soft muted blues, etc., are how I decorated my house without my connecting the lines until recently. Thanks again. 👍🏻💖